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Uneekor Golf Simulator at the downunder  

Our top of the line golf simulator allows you to practice and analyze your swing on a driving range that provides an abundance of ball and club data.  You will also have access to the beautiful courses spread around the world right in front of you.  The Golf Club software includes over 100,000 courses that will be available to you with a click of a button.  Struggling with part of your game?  Lessons are available in different packages!

Availability & Rates 

(Coming Soon)

“An 18-hole round takes 1 player an average of 1 hour to complete. A group of 4 golfers should book a 4 hour slot to ensure the round is completed in time”


Monday – Friday

(9AM – 9PM)




Saturday + Sunday

(9AM – 9PM)




(Coming Soon)



Porter Gervais will be offering private golf lessons with the aid of the extensive data produced within the Uneekor golf simulator.  His credibility includes 20+ years of golf experience, 4 years of collegiate golf, multiple collegiate victories, and dozens of amateur wins.  Lessons will be available to any individual willing to learn the game or just needs help tweaking their swing.


Lesson Rates



$80.00 Package of 3 Lessons

$125.00 Package of 5 Lessons

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